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Our policies


Policy for Safety & Quality

As a leading and a nationwide admired company in the field of fabrication and tin manufacturing works, Star Metal Industries Ltd. can not ignore the Safety and Health issue. It is our first priority and we believe that all injuries and work-related illness must be prevented. Our policy on health and safety are -

1. Safety and Health Policy

Star metal commitment to provide safe work environment to its personnel and other stakeholders as an integral part of its business philosophy. To ensure it we maintain the following -

  • - Establish and achieve Safety & Health Policy objectives.

  • - Ensure compliance with applicable legislations and other requirements.

  • - Prevent / minimize Safety & Health risks through continual improvement in process and practices at all levels and functions for prevention of injury.

  • - Ensure that Safety & Health is integrated in all managerial decision including procurement of materials;

  • - Enhance awareness, skill and competence of our personnel so as to enable them to demonstrate their involvement, responsibility and accountability.

2. Environment Policy

The company aims to be the most efficient and reliable steel producer and carry out its business operations with utmost regard for safety of the environment. It maintains the following -

  • i. Work towards environment protection, prevention of pollution and improvement around our business place.

  • ii. Adopt sound environment management practices.

  • iii. Evaluating effectiveness of system through regular audits and management reviews.

  • iv. Care for others claim concerning environment.

3. Quality Policy

For quality policy we maintain the following -

  • - Continually improving our systems by value addition and product development through innovation.

  • - Quality production and on time delivery.

  • - Up gradation of relevant technology and ensure training of the employees.

  • - Evaluating and implementing the effectiveness of the quality issue.

4. Trademarks Policy

The company trademarks, trade names and logo that contains in this website are the registered of the respective owners.

5. Trademark Usage Guidelines

  • - Other people can not use our company logo.

  • - Other people can not manufacture, sell, or give away merchandise items, such as Caps, T-shirts and Coffee mugs or any other give away items that bearing our logo.

  • - Other people may not use or imitate our company slogan or tagline.

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